Virtual Medical Consultations
with Dr. Shad Marvasti

Prevent Disease and Optimize Your Health
From The Safety Of Your Own Home!

Getting Started

With Virtual Consultations on a HIPAA Compliant Video Platform, Dr. Shad comes to you. Based on the latest scientific evidence that accounts for your social, genetic, biological and lifestyle determinants of health, Dr. Shad will help you discover your risk factors for disease and create a precision tailored health plan for you.

step 1 | Book your virtual appointment

Fill out the short form below and we will email you a questionnaire for you to complete so we can determine if our services are a good fit for you. At this point, you are also able to schedule a free 20 minute discovery call with Dr. Shad to learn which health optimization package is right for you.

step 2 | collect & review health history

Once we have decided to proceed, you will start by completing an extensive intake form that assesses your lifestyle risk factors and impact on your health. This collects key data on your history as well as social, behavioral, and lifestyle factors that determine your health. This data along with any recent labs including blood tests, genetic assessment and imaging studies will be used to develop a highly customized personal whole health plan for you

step 3 | Meet dr shad online

During your initial consultation we will review data from recent tests and the answers to your intake form to identify your risk profile and areas of opportunity for optimal health. By the end of this session we will have a preliminary Personal Whole Health Plan to get you started in achieving your determined health goals.

From the safety of your own home

Virtual Health Coaching and Integrative Medicine Consultations

When working with Dr. Shad you will learn how to heal yourself naturally through food and evidence-based supplements. By proactively making changes in your life, you will be empowered to prevent and sometimes even reverse disease to achieve optimal health in all aspects of life.


Preventing and Reversing Diabetes Type 2

Get to the root causes of your Diabetes as you work with Dr. Shad to optimize your lifestyle and use food as medicine to lower your A1C


Build Your Immunity and Optimize Your Health

Strengthen your immunity against viral infections, heart attacks and strokes and all forms of premature aging with an in-depth analysis of your risk factors and a personalized longevity health plan


Preventing and Reversing Heart Disease

We will identify the root cause of heart disease for you and then develop a personalized whole health plan to prevent, treat or reverse it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, all visits are virtual at this time and some services including lab testing can also be done at the safety of your own home depending on your area.

Dr. Shad does not currently accept any insurance but his services are eligible for FSA/HSA.

Yes. Your private health insurance will cover the cost of most lab tests, X-rays, specialists, emergency care, hospitalizations and other services depending on your plan. While having private health insurance is not mandatory to receive care from Dr. Shad, it is strongly recommended due to other healthcare providers continuing to operate in this fashion.

If you live outside of the United States, yes! Dr. Shad can see you virtually! If you live in the United States, currently virtual consultations are available for anyone living in the following states: Arizona, California, and Wyoming.

At Optima Health, we provide virtual services to help you optimize your health with coaching, medical consultations but we do not provide primary care.  For limited number of people who are able to sign up for membership,  you will receive 24 hour concierge services in collaboration with on site primary care services centers. 

At this time, we are unable to take Medicare and are able to see patients who are less than 65 years of age and do not have Medicare.

Start Optimizing Your Health Today!

If you have health concerns or are interested in working with Dr. Shad to lower your risk for heart disease or Type 2 Diabetes, please fill out the form below and we will reach out soon to find the best time to set up a virtual meeting with Dr. Shad.

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